We crawled through the era of truculence and came out clean on the other side.

    Growing up in a decade of Maple Leafs disappointments, we are a bunch of high school buddies who love hockey and the Leafs. Although the last era of Leafs management has left a sour taste in our mouths, the arrival of Brendan Shanahan and the implementation of the #Shanaplan has created newfound optimism.

    Blue Steam Hockey was made to create an inclusive environment to talk about hockey. We encourage everyone who visits the site, reads our opinions and listens to our podcast to participate in healthy discussions and deliver constructive criticism.


    Nick Kashty

    Site Manager & Contributor

    Live & work in Toronto. Fantasy sports and men’s league addict. Grew up loving hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Andrew Anstey


    I make bioplastics, and sometimes I write about hockey. Likes: dogs, growing beards, the Weakerthans, baked goods. Dislikes: mangoes

    Brendan Graham


    Living and working in the GTA. Providing hot takes on yogurt, cereal, and the Toronto Maple Leafs over @BG_Goldenhawks. I own a signed Mike Brown jersey. Brett Lebda was -3.

    David Venturi


    Teaching myself data science. Owner of a white Kyle Wellwood jersey.

    Spencer Gowan

    All-in-all, Leafs fans stand tall. Where were you May 13th, 2013?

    Trevor Clarke

    I've been a loyal member of Leafs Nation my whole life. I am the captain of a semi-elite men's league hockey dynasty as well as being arguably the most prized pool boy in the GTA. That said, Alex Mogilny is the true hero here.