How Does the Maple Leafs Offence Stack Up Against Past Stanley Cup Winners?

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    Through 7 games, the Leafs lead the NHL in goals scored (34), power play goals scored (9), and power play productivity (30%).

    Recent Vegas odds have the Leafs listed as Stanley Cup favourites, so, naturally, let’s take a look at how their fire power compares to the past 10 Stanley Cup winners.

    It is the best start in the last decade.

    Toronto Maple Leafs Offence Production


    Stanley Cup Winners Offence Production



    As you can see, the Maple Leafs have had a better offensive start than any of the previous 10 Stanley Cup champions. There 4.8 goals per game average is far from sustainable, nevertheless, it is impressively 1.4 goals per game better than any other start by these winners.

    Toronto Maple Leafs Defence


    Stanley Cup Winners Defence


    Stanley Cup Winners Defence

    On the flip side, the Toronto Maple Leafs defensive effort has been less than stellar. They have given up more goals in the first seven games than any of the past 10 Stanley Cup Winners.

    Conclusion? The Maple Leafs play makes for some exciting games. Maybe it is the increased power play time, maybe it is that the game has changed, or maybe it is just that the Maple Leafs have unprecedented skill. One thing is for sure, when you tune into a Leafs game, you’re bound to see some goal scoring.